Department Services

Property TransfersMeter reading with final bill preparation.

Water Service InstallationWater service installation for new construction and/or water service renewal/relocation.

Water Main Installation - Water main installation performed by Department approved water main installers.

Markout Service - The Department is not part of dig safe, so be sure to call us for markout before you dig.

Seasonal Turn On/Off Service - For a nominal fee, seasonal turn on/off services are available with a 2-week notice.

Abandon Water Service - Request to disconnect water service from the water distribution system.

Backflow Preventer Device Inspection - This service is required for testable devices.

Service Tight Protection Plan - Homeowner owned water service protection plan.

Technician Service Call Technicians are available 24/7 for emergencies as well as during hours of operations.

Voice Broadcast System - Register your primary phone number to receive alerts from Town officials.