Water Rules & Regulations

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Under authority of the General Laws, Acts of the State Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the following rules and regulations are hereby established by the Town of Harwich in the county of Barnstable, and hereby made and shall be considered a part of the contract between the Harwich Water Department and every person or persons liable for water charges or other charges subject to our jurisdiction, and the filing of an application to take water, or the taking of water, shall be considered  express assent to be bound by these rules and regulations and any other changes which may hereinafter be made.

Adopted February 25, 1935
Revised  January 1, 1961
Revised January 1, 2001
Revised  January 10, 2006
Revised May 1, 2008
Revised May 15, 2009
Revised June 19, 2009
Revised February 9, 2010
Rates/Fees March 1, 2010
Revised July 27, 2010
Revised December 7, 2010
Rates/Fees  April 26, 2011
Rates/Fees March 13, 2012
Rates/Fees March 19, 2013
Rates/Fees March 17, 2015
Revised October 30, 2015
Fees October 30, 2015
Fees April 13, 2016
Fees September 13, 2017
Rates / Quarterly Billing March 21, 2018
Revised Rules & Regs May 26, 2021
Rates/Fees July 1, 2021
Rates/Fees June 16, 2022

By the virtue of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 41 and other authority and powers, the Water Commissioners of the Town of Harwich, Massachusetts establish the following Rules and Regulations relating to the provision of water by the Harwich Water Department. All consumers on the Harwich Water System are bound by these Rules and Regulations and future amendments thereto and are further bound to take water only for purposes stated in an application made by the consumer for water service, made to and approved by the Harwich Water Department