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posted: 10/29/18
  • Spring Flushing is now complete! 
  • Seasonal Laborers Wanted. The pay range is $16.82-$18.94/hr.  View Job Description.  Email Application to 
  • Congratulations Noreen Donahue, on another 3-year term as Water & Wastewater Commissioner!
  • Congratulations to Bob Young!!  We look forward to your contributions as a newly elected Water & Wastewater Commissioner!
  • Thank you Gary Carreiro for your committment and dedication over the past 9 years as Water and Wastewater Commissioner.  You will be missed!!   
  • JOB OPENING:  Harwich Water & Wastewater Superintendent job posting has been extended to Friday, June 28th, 2024  > View Job Posting & Description.
  • 4/01 - 6/30/24 | Spring Flushing Monday-Thursday 6:00p-12a as weather permits > Flushing FAQ's 
  • 5/15/24 Planned power outage at Water Department office on 5/15/24 from 7a-12p (approx) in preparation for generator replacement.
  • Sewer Phase 3 Project Map (.pdf)  |  Wastewater Phase 3 Interactive Map
  • 4/17/24 | Job Posting: Harwich Water & Wastewater Superintendent > View Job Posting & Description.
  • 4/16/24 | 2023 Consumer Confidence Report is now available > View
  • 4/16/24 | New Composting Program to begin 7/1/24 > Learn more
  • 4/10 - 4/11/24 | Water Emergency; Do Not Drink Water; limited to are of North Harwich was lifted on 4/11/24.
  • 4/01 - 6/30/24 | Spring Flushing Monday-Thursday 6:00p-12a as weather permits > Flushing FAQ's  
  • 2/12/24 | Phase 3 Septic As-built Ties are available > View P3 Septic As-Built & Septic System Download
  • 2/8/24 | Phase 3 Map and Updates are available > View Map | View Project Updates
  • 2/1/24 | Phase 2 Sewer Order to Connect has been extended to March 1, 2025.
  • 12/5/23 | Fall Flushing is now complete!  Thank you for your patience.
  • 10/23/23 | The Town of Harwich Water Department is accepting sealed bids for furnishing and delivery of General Water Works Supplies for the period of August 11, 2024 through June 30, 2025. Bid awarded to Cape Cod Winwater!
  • 9/13/23 | Fall Flushing begins September 18th and runs through December 2023, Monday - Thursday from 6:00pm to 12a (weather permitting). Flushing will begin in East Harwich and finish in South Harwich. View Flushing FAQ's  
  • 7/11/23 | Water Department job openings; Electrician/Journeyman, Secondary Distribution Operator and (2) Seasonal Laborer Positions | View Job Postings & Job Descriptions.  Positions have been filled as of 9/13/23. Thank you.
  • 06/08/23 | Spring flushing is now complete - Thank you for you patience! 
  • 05/03/23 | Emergency Generators and Transfer Switches RE-BID. Bid awarded to FM Generator!
  • 04/13/23 | The Harwich Board of Water and Wastewater Commissioners will be holding a public hearing April 27, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. at the Harwich Water Department, 196 Chatham Road, Harwich, MA 02645.  The purpose of the hearing is to receive public input regarding changes to General Bylaws, Chapter 300 Water §300-5, §300-16. Violations and Penalties.... View Legal Ad  |   View General Bylaws, Chapter 300
  • 04/10/23 | Water Main Flushing begins in the areas of Route 39, Harwich Center and North Harwich, Monday through Thursday from 6 PM TO 12AM, through June 30, 2023View Flushing FAQ's
  • 03/02/23 | Need assistance with the cost of your sewer connection?  Cape Cod AquiFund offers low-interest betterment loans for Cape Cod homeowners faced with the cost of replacement of septic sytems and installation of advanced onsite water treatement units now includes sewer connections. Learn more
  • 02/23/23 | Emergency Generators and Transfer Switches bid > View Bid
  • 01/24/23 | Water/Sewer bills were delayed, but have been mailed. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. Water Department Staff.
  • 10/26/22 | As of Wednesday, October 26th, the Board of Water & Wastewater Commissioners voted to lift the outdoor watering ban in Harwich. Please be advised, water ban citations issued up to this date remain due and payment should be made to the Town Clerk’s Office. Once again, the outdoor watering ban has been lifted in the Town of Harwich. Thank you for your cooperation during the ban.
  • 10/18/22 |  Request for Quote for Well 7 Rehabilitation Pump Removal & Replacement > Link to RFQ download(s)
  • 09/22/22 |  Special Town Meeting, Article #1 Maps >> Route 28 PS Sites_CLR and Phase 3 PS Sites_CLR
  • 08/29/22 |  Invitation for Bid: Water Distribution Materials Bulk Purchase View Bid
  • 07/29/22 |  Mandatory Outdoor Water Ban, Effective 8/1/22; View Notice and  Learn More -->USGS Chart
  • 07/08/22 |  Water Department Job Posting: Secondary Distribution Operator D2, view posting and job description
  • 06/17/22 | Invitation For Bid:  Domestic Water Meters > View Bid
  • 06/16/22 | BOWWC Public Hearing Outcome: Rates & Fees were adopted and become effective 7/1/22.  Property Acquisitions will move forward.  
  • 05/26/22 | A Public Hearing will be held in the Griffin Room at Harwich Town Hall on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. for items; 1. Proposed Water Rates & Fees Increases and 2. Aquisition of Property through Eminent Domain. View Rates & Fees |  Property Acquisition Locations >> Assessors Parcel 43-E-7-0 (0.48 acres), 43-E-9-0 (0.96 acres), 43-E-9A-0 (0.82 acres), 43-E-10-0 (0.97 acres) and 43-E-12-0 (4.51 acres) 
  • 04/01/22 | Spring Flushing Notice is scheduled for April 11th - June 30th, 2022.  Flushing FAQ's
  • 04/01/22 | Annual Water Quality Report 2021 is now available.
  • 03/14/22 | Fertilizer Policy Guidelines Education
  • 03/09/22 | New Payment Options: VISA, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and PayPal Credit
  • 02/09/22 | Order to Connect to Sewer & Welcome Packet has been mailed to the first round of property owners; 265 total. Read more
  • Secondary Distribution Operator (2 Openings) > Positions have been filled.
  • Fall Flushing 2021 in South Harwich Area; Monday-Thursday 6-11p October 5 through December, weather pending. Flushing FAQ's
  • Sewer Bill Estimates for Phase 2, first-to-connect future customers, is now available -> Sewer Bill Estimates
  • Sewer Rates; effective 7/16/21 -> Sewer Rates
  • New Water Rates; effective 7/1/21 -> Water Rates
  • New Sewer Use Regulations were adopted; effective 5/26/21 -> Sewer Use Regulations
  • Water Rules & Regulations were updated and adopted; effective 5/26/21. -> Water Rules & Regulations 
  • Proposed Sewer Rates Proposed, effective 7/16/21.  Public hearing will be held on July 15, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. at the Water Department office at 196 Chatham Road, Harwich MA 02645.
  • Water Rate Increase Proposed, effective 7/1/21.  Public hearing will be held on June 30, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m. at the Water Department office at 196 Chatham Road, Harwich MA 02645.  
  • Water Department Office, and Town Offices open tomorrow!  Water Department hours are M-F 8a-4:30p.  Please note that we will be closed on Friday 6/18/21 in observance of Juneteenth.  
  • Welcome to our newest members of the Water/Wastewater Commission; Noreen Donahue and John Gough!!
  • MANDATORY Water Restrictions - Please be advised that in response to the level 1 drought declaration and lower than average groundwater levels the Harwich Water Department has implemented mandatory odd/even watering schedule effective immediately.  Learn More -->USGS Chart
  • 2020 Consumer Confidence / Annual Water Quality Report is now available.
  • View News Feed Archive; 2020 and prior
posted: 09/12/18

In preparation for the Phase 2 Sewer Project, water and septic plans for those customers that will be sewered can be found by following the links below:

Water Plans 

Septic Plans

Phase 2 Existing Conditions CAD File

You may also request water plans by emailing and septic plans by emailing or you can visit the water department office for water plans and the health department office for septic plans.  Locations and contact information are as follows:

Water Department, 196 Chatham Road, Phone 508-432-0304 x0

Health Department Office, 732 Main Street, Town Hall 2nd Floor, Phone 508-430-7509.

Thank you.

posted: 09/07/18

There are many ways to pay your water bill and we would like to share these options with you:      

ONLINE from  This method is a paperless payment option.  Cost ranges from .40 if paying by check (a.k.a. ACH payment) or 2.95% of balance being paid if using a credit card.  Sorry, we do not accept VISA.  You can also contact our office at 508-432-0304 x0 and request payment over the phone.    

ONLINE through your bank or other bill payment service.  This method generates a check that is mailed without a payment coupon and therefore should be mailed to Collector of Taxes, 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645.  To ensure proper credit, please be sure to write your account number on check.

BY MAIL with payment coupon.  Payment by mail with payment coupon, which is the bottom perforated section of the water bill, should be mailed to Collector of Taxes, PO Box 802, Reading MA 01867-0407

BY MAIL without payment coupon.  Payment by mail without payment coupon, which is the bottom perforated section of the water bill, should be mailed to Collector of Taxes, 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645.  To ensure proper credit, please be sure to write your account number on check.

IN PERSON at Town Hall, Collector of Taxes.  Water bill payments are only accepted in person at the Collector of Taxes window at Town Hall.  Town Hall hours prior to 1/1/19 are Monday 8:30a-8:00p, Tuesday thru Thursday 8:30a-4:00p and Friday 8:30a-12:00p.  Monday holidays move evening hours to Tuesday.  Beginning 1/1/19, Town Hall hours change to Monday thru Friday from 8:30a-4:00p.

DROP BOX at Town Hall.  Drop box is always an option 24/7.  The drop box is located at the rear entrance to Town Hall which is located at 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645.

We would like to remind our customers that we do not accept water bill payments at the Water Department office by mail or in person.  The Water Department office will be glad to assist you with billing issues and water service needs, we just cannot accept payment at our location.

Since the inception of the Water Enterprise fund in FY2006, the Collector of Taxes has been deemed the processor of all payments.  Twelve years later the Water Department office is still receiving a tremendous number of payments.  Please double-check that you are using the correct remittance address.    

Whether or not a payment coupon accompanies your payment is the determining factor of the remittance address.  With a payment coupon, the mail to is PO Box 802, Reading MA 01867 and without the coupon it is 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 508-432-0304 x0.

Thank you,

Water Department Administration


posted: 01/03/18

Attention Customers:

It is that time of year when water pipes are burst water pipes.  Do you know where the master shut off valve is for your water service?  Many do not  The Water Department highly recommends that you become familiar with shutting the water off for your own protection against property damage.  Here is a great how-to instructional link to assist you.  As always, our technicians are available for emergencies 24/7 by contacting our office at 508-432-0304.  If it is outside of our business hours, there are recorded prompts to report an emergency.

HOW-TO TURN WATER OFF AT METER <<----click link to view instructions.

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