Phase 3 Project

P3 Sewer Project Interactive Map  |  P3 Project Map 2/13/24 (.pdf)  |  Rt 28 & P3 Pump Station Sites  |  P3 Septic As-Built Cards and Site Plans 

Estimated Cost: $50,900,000  |  Watershed: Round Cove & Pleasant Bay Sub-Watersheds  |  Parcels served: 636

Due to the size of the Phase 3 sewer service area the project will consist of (2) construction contracts, Contract 1-E and Contract 2-W.  Both construction contracts will be advertised for bids simultaneously this spring, the bid opening is projected to occur in May with contract execution to occur no later than June 30, 2024. Given the scale of the project & unknown bid climate both construction contracts include three additional alternate areas to provide flexibility to the Town in awarding the contracts if bid prices exceed estimates. The inclusion of three alternate areas in the general contract will be determined after bids are opened.

Construction activities are likely to ramp up late summer/early fall and expected to take approximately 2.5 years to complete. After construction the Town must obtain approval from MassDEP to operate the sewer system.  Once approved, the Town will issue “Order-to-Connect” letters to impacted properties. Property owners will have 2 years from the date of the “order-to-connect” mailing to tie into the sewer system.


The Phase 3 Interactive Sewer Project Map can be searched similarly to Google Maps or other map services. You can pan & zoom to locate a property of interest, or simply type the address in the search bar in the upper left and the map will zoom to the entered address.  Once you have navigated to the desired parcel, utilize the map legend to identify the proposed sewer connection type.  

Parcel Shading

Blue - Gravity Connection: Properties to be connected to a gravity sewer main.
Green - Low Pressure: Properties that abut a street with low-pressure sewer main and will require a grinder pump.
Yellow - May Need to Pump to Gravity:  Properties where one or two conditions exist: either there is insufficient septic data to determine the connection type, or a gravity connection may be possible with plumbing modifications.
Red - Pump to Gravity: Properties abut a street with a gravity sewer but are expected to require a grinder pump.

P3 Sewer Project Map (.pdf

Septic As-Built Cards & Site Plans

Phase 3 Septic As-Built Cards & Site Plans are now available -> Download Now

Standish Woods Only >  Septic as-built and site plans are now available for the locations noted below.  Please note that there are (2) separate files that are clearly labeled.  Follow the link below and locate your address beginning with your house number. Link >>  Septic As-Built Cards & Septic System Plans

Area: Jasper Moore Trail, Lydia Bangs Way, Martha Eaton Court, Mary Willet Court & Standish Woods Circle

Pump Stations: Route 28 & Phase 3

Special Town Meeting 2022 Article #1 Maps

Please follow the links below to view the wastewater pump station maps for the Phase 3 & Route 28 Sewer Projects:

Route 28 PS Sites_CLR   |   Phase 3 PS Sites_CLR