Notification Methods and Options

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Notification System

Town of Harwich citizens can receive emergency and routine notifications. Notification options consist of email, text and/or phone call according to your selection(s) at setup.  

Please note the following:

1. Citizens are responsible for setting up their record and maintaining their contact information in the system >> Sign Up

2. Updating the notification system does not update Town records for tax or water billing.  Please be sure to contact the appropriate Town department to update your contact information.

Other Notification Methods

The Water Department posts notices on our website at, FacebookTwitter.  These notices may also be relayed through the Town News FeedTown Subscriber UpdatesChannel 18 and Cape Cod Chronicle.

The Town of Harwich also offers a "Notify Me" email-only subscription service that provides citizens with urgent alert updates, news or announcement updates, Board and Committee meeting agenda and minutes updates.

If you need further assistance regarding any of these options, please contact our office at 508-432-0304, or by email to