Frequently Asked Questions  *Under Construction*

Can I connect to sewer? 

Sewer is only available in certain areas of East Harwich. This area is also known as Phase 2.  Those residents/property owners have already been notified prior/during construction, to determine sewer stub location.  The Phase 2 street listing identifies those property owners.

If my address is on the list, what happens next?

The Board of Health and Water & Wastewater Department will soon be mailing a combined "Order to Connect" letter, a wastewater welcome letter and packet to include a checklist.  Packets will be mailed in two separate mailings; contract 1 will be first and contract 2 will follow a few weeks later.  The first packet should be mailed at the beginning of October 2021.

If my address is not on the list?

The Town's Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP), released in March 2016, provides a preliminary plan for wastewater phasing.

Health Department  

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Pleasant Bay Sewer Program

Frequently Asked Questions