Irrigation System Conservation

Irrigation System Brochure

Sprinkler System Tune-up Steps:

  1. Check for problems. Turn on each valve, one at a time, and carefully inspect your irrigation system. Look for wet spots that indicate there might be a leaking irrigation pipe. Repair any leaks.
  2. Replace controller battery. Most systems have a back-up battery that maintains the time and program during power failures.
  3. Straighten any sprinkler heads that are leaning to the side. In most situations, sprinkler heads need to be installed so that they are perpendicular to the ground to work correctly. If they lean to one side, they may create dry spots and waste water.
  4. Replace any broken or malfunctioning heads.
  5. Be sure to replace broken heads with the same brand/model on the same valve circuit.
  6. Clean spray-type sprinklers by removing the nozzle from each head and cleaning the screen. The screen will be under the nozzle.
  7. Adjust spray-type sprinklers. On top of each spray-type nozzle is a small radius adjustment screw. Turn the adjustment screw to adjust each of your spray-type sprinklers so that they do not spray onto sidewalks or walls. If spray-type heads are creating a lot of mist, try partially closing the adjustment screws by turning the screw clockwise to reduce the misting. Partially closing the adjustment screw will reduce the water pressure inside the nozzle, which will cut down on how much mist is created. After adjusting, make sure that the spray from the nozzle still goes all the way to the next sprinkler. When sprinklers are properly spaced and adjusted, the water from each sprinkler should spray all the way to the next sprinkler in each direction.
  8. Adjust the rotor-type sprinklers. The most common adjustment error is to try to create even coverage by breaking up the water stream using the radius adjustment screw. On a typical rotor, the radius adjustment screw is located on top of the sprinkler, just in front of the nozzle. When turned the screw drops down into the water stream causing the stream to deform. This deflects the water stream and reduces the distance it shoots from the sprinkler. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise until it is touching the water stream that will change shape when the screw contacts it. Now turn the screw counter-clockwise just enough that it is not touching the stream. This is the proper default position, unless the sprinkler is spraying too far you should leave it in this default position.