Phase 2 Update

Phase 2 was divided into two (2) contracts.  Robert Our Co. was awarded Contract 1 & 1A and RJV Co. was awarded Contract 2.  Streets may be spit between contracts and not all houses on all streets are included.  Below please find an status and updates for each contract.  

Contract 1 Robert Our Co. - Complete

P2C1 Master List
Streets:  Alexander's Chase, Auston Rd, Cemetery Rd, Chrisjobeth Circle, Church St, Compass Dr, Elijah's Woods, Ellis Dr, Herndon Rd, Johanna's Path, Landron Way, Liberty Trail, Mary Beth Ln, Old Heritage Way, Old Salty Ln, Orleanse Rd, Partridge Ln, Queen Anne Rd, Reliance Way, Round Cove Rd, Route 137, Ruddy Duck, Scotch Pine Farm, Sherwood Rd, Sou'West Dr, Spences Trace, Spruce Grove, Stagg Dr, White Pine Cir

Order to Connect: 2/2/22 and 3/2/22 for Wells
Order to Connect By: 2/2/24 and 3/2/24 for Wells

Contract 1A Robert Our Co. - IN PROGRESS

P2C1A Construction Notice List

Streets: Continental & Whidah Drive 
Order to Connect Date: TBD
Order to Connect By: TBD

Contract 2 RJV Construction Co. - Complete

P2C2 Master List
Streets:  Bay Rd, Cemetery Rd, Chickadee Ln, Church St, Fredericksburg Ave, Harden Ln, Nor'East Dr, Sou'West Dr, Williamsburg Ave
Order to Connect Date:  June 2, 2022 
Order to Connect By:  June 2, 2024
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Preconstruction Instructions

Sewer Service Location Form 

Please click the link below to assist you with completing your Sewer Service Location Form:
Completing the Service Location Form

Water Plans
Please Note:  Water service plan download is a 2-step process:
Step 1:  Find your water account number in the Street Listing
Step 2:  Go to Water Plan Download Page and find your account number
You may also request these documents via email to or in person at the Water Department office located at 196 Chatham Road, Harwich. If you need further assistance, please contact the Water Department office at 508-432-0304 x0.

Septic Plans
Septic as-built and site plan are (2) separate files that are clearly labeled.  Follow the link below and locate your address beginning with your house number (ie. 1, 15, 154, 1581, 159, 160, 1623, 163).  
Septic As-Built and Site Plan Download Page
You may also request these documents via email to or in person at the Health Department office located on the 2nd floor of Harwich Town Hall, 732 Main Street, Harwich.If you need further assistance, please contact the Health Department office at 508-430-7509.