Phase 2 Sewer Construction

Phase 2 sewer construction was divided into two (2) contracts. Robert Our Co. was awarded Contract 1 & 1A and RJV Co. was awarded Contract 2.  Streets may be spit between contracts and not all houses on all streets are included.  Below please find an status and updates for each contract.  

Contract 2 - Complete

Contract 1A - In Progress

Contract 1 - Complete

  • Contractor: Robert Our Co.
  • Master List for Contract 1 >> P2C1 Master List
  • Area:  Alexander's Chase, Auston, Cemetery, Chrisjobeth, Church, Compass, Elijah's Woods, Ellis, Herndon, Johanna's Path, Landron, Liberty, Mary Beth, Old Heritage, Old Salty, Orleans, Partridge, Queen Anne, Reliance Way, Round Cove Rd, Route 137, Ruddy Duck, Scotch Pine Farm, Sherwood, Sou'West, Spences Trace, Spruce Grove, Stagg, White Pine
  • Order to Connect: 2/2/22 and 3/2/22 for Wells
  • Order to Connect By: 2/2/24 and 3/2/24 for Wells
  • Stub Ties >> View Stub Ties by Street

Preconstruction Instructions