There are no bids open at this time.



Capital Project Bids are posted in the Central Register and/or COMMBUYS and legal advertisement in placed in a local newspaper; Cape Cod Chronicle.

Goods and Services Bids are posted in this location of our website addition to the required legal advertisement in the local newspaper and the Central Register Goods and Services Bulletin.  

Email Notification of Bids (non-Capital Projects):  The Water Department seeks bids for the recurring supplies and services listed below.  If you are a vendor that provides any of these goods and services listed below and you would like to receive email notification of future bids, please email so you can be added to the list.  Please note that many of these bids are for a fiscal year period with the option to renew annually for up to two (2) additional years.  The last bids were award for FY2016 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

Water Works Supplies
Water Treatment Chemicals
On-Call Engineering Consulting Service
Backflow Device Inspection