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posted: 09/12/18

In preparation for the Phase 2 Sewer Project, water and septic plans for those customers that will be sewered can be found by following the links below:

Water Plans 

Septic Plans

You may also request water plans by emailing and septic plans by emailing or you can visit the water department office for water plans and the health department office for septic plans.  Locations and contact information are as follows:

Water Department, 196 Chatham Road, Phone 508-432-0304 x0

Health Department Office, 732 Main Street, Town Hall 2nd Floor, Phone 508-430-7509.

Thank you.

posted: 09/07/18

There are many ways to pay your water bill and we would like to share these options with you:      

ONLINE from  This method is a paperless payment option.  Cost ranges from .40 if paying by check (a.k.a. ACH payment) or 2.95% of balance being paid if using a credit card.  Sorry, we do not accept VISA.  You can also contact our office at 508-432-0304 x0 and request payment over the phone.    

ONLINE through your bank or other bill payment service.  This method generates a check that is mailed without a payment coupon and therefore should be mailed to Collector of Taxes, 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645.  To ensure proper credit, please be sure to write your account number on check.

BY MAIL with payment coupon.  Payment by mail with payment coupon, which is the bottom perforated section of the water bill, should be mailed to Collector of Taxes, PO Box 802, Reading MA 01867-0407

BY MAIL without payment coupon.  Payment by mail without payment coupon, which is the bottom perforated section of the water bill, should be mailed to Collector of Taxes, 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645.  To ensure proper credit, please be sure to write your account number on check.

IN PERSON at Town Hall, Collector of Taxes.  Water bill payments are only accepted in person at the Collector of Taxes window at Town Hall.  Town Hall hours prior to 1/1/19 are Monday 8:30a-8:00p, Tuesday thru Thursday 8:30a-4:00p and Friday 8:30a-12:00p.  Monday holidays move evening hours to Tuesday.  Beginning 1/1/19, Town Hall hours change to Monday thru Friday from 8:30a-4:00p.

DROP BOX at Town Hall.  Drop box is always an option 24/7.  The drop box is located at the rear entrance to Town Hall which is located at 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645.

We would like to remind our customers that we do not accept water bill payments at the Water Department office by mail or in person.  The Water Department office will be glad to assist you with billing issues and water service needs, we just cannot accept payment at our location.

Since the inception of the Water Enterprise fund in FY2006, the Collector of Taxes has been deemed the processor of all payments.  Twelve years later the Water Department office is still receiving a tremendous number of payments.  Please double-check that you are using the correct remittance address.    

Whether or not a payment coupon accompanies your payment is the determining factor of the remittance address.  With a payment coupon, the mail to is PO Box 802, Reading MA 01867 and without the coupon it is 732 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 508-432-0304 x0.

Thank you,

Water Department Administration


posted: 07/03/18

The Water Department seeks to a seasonal laborer to support the increased workload during summer months.  The primary and distinct responsibility of the seasonal laborer position sought each season is to landscape over 2,126 acres of Water Department property and assist in the maintenance of over 1,300 Hydrants.

View Full Job Description and Employment Application.

posted: 01/03/18

Attention Customers:

It is that time of year when water pipes are burst water pipes.  Do you know where the master shut off valve is for your water service?  Many do not  The Water Department highly recommends that you become familiar with shutting the water off for your own protection against property damage.  Here is a great how-to instructional link to assist you.  As always, our technicians are available for emergencies 24/7 by contacting our office at 508-432-0304.  If it is outside of our business hours, there are recorded prompts to report an emergency.

HOW-TO TURN WATER OFF AT METER <<----click link to view instructions.

posted: 04/11/17

Drinking Water Quality Report, Issue #20 PWS ID #4126000 (.pdf)

The Harwich Water Department (HWD) is pleased to report that Harwich water meets or exceeds required water quality standards. This annual Consumer Confidence Report provides important water source data, monitoring, and test results. If you have questions about this report, please contact Superintendent, Dan Pelletier at 508-432-0304. Additional information is available on our website and at the HWD office located at 196 Chatham Rd.


posted: 05/03/16

The Board of Water Commissioners, Superintendent Pelletier and the Harwich Water Department Staff thank the residents of Harwich for your authorization of our Department Articles. The following articles were approved at Town Meeting, May 2, 2016:

  • Article 7 - Water Department Budget
  • Article 21 - Purchase of a New Excavator
  • Article 22 - Lothrop Avenue Tank Replacement
  • Article 23 - Purchase or Replacement of SCADA System (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition System

To stay informed, capital project updates can be found on our website under the "About Us" menu or by clicking here.

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