Service Tight Protection Plan ENROLLMENT FORM

Did you know that you own the water service from your property line into your home? As the owner of property, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of your water service from the street into your home. Until a problem occurs, you may not realize that you could incur thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing water service lines and, even if it did, there's typically a large deductible that must be paid first. To avoid costly repairs in your water service line, the Harwich Water Department offers a Service Tight Protection Plan which would cover the costs of repairs to your water line in the event of a sudden leak.

Peace of mind for as little as $68 per year! With enrollment, the Harwich Water Department will provide complete coverage for the repair and/or replacement of your leaking water service from the curb stop at the road to your shut off valve. If you have a leak from your water service, just call us and our service staff will be dispatched to your home to resolve the issue.

Enrollment: Enrolling in the Service Tight plan is easy. The plan costs $68 per meter/year for water lines that are 2" and under in diameter. You can ENROLL NOW or contact the Water Department by calling 508-432-0304. The enrollment waiting period is 90 days from the request date. Once your enrollment request is accepted, $17.00 will appear on your quarterly water bill as STIP.