Where's the Master Valve?

ValveDo you know where the master water supply valve is? Does everyone else in the family know where it is?

If there's an emergency, you'll need to know in a hurry. You can't afford to flounder around searching while the basement floods or the carpets are drenched. You've got to act fast.

These are the most likely locations:

Every home, apartment and business has a master water supply valve. But be sure you've found the right one. Don't make a mistake! Try turning it off and see if all the water faucets in the building are shut off. If they aren't, try again.

Once you've found the right valve, mark it with a tag, a bright ribbon or colorful paint. Make it easy to see. If the worst ever happens-and we hope it never does-you'll have to find it quickly.

Do your part to use water wisely. See that it's never wasted.