Harwich Water Department's policy regarding Property Transfers/Final Water Invoice

  1. The Harwich Water Department requires a two week, or 10 business days, minimum notice for all transfer requests.
  2.  At the time of request, please provide the buyer's name, mailing address, and phone number. These are the minimum required fields. We will not schedule final readings until all of this information is provided to us . Download and print the TRANSFER REQUEST FORM (.pdf), make copies as needed. The form can also be downloaded from our website http://www.harwichwater.com.
  3. If a closing date should change, please notify the HWD as soon as possible so that we may reschedule the final read, as it may change the amount of the final water invoice. Failure to notify us should the closing date change, may result in additional administrative fees being assessed onto the final water invoice.
  4. The water amount listed on the final water invoice is not pro-rated. The parties involved may choose to pro-rate the water based on a 180 day billing cycle.
  5. If in the event the property is a foreclosure, the Department may need to gain access to the property to check the working condition of the water meter. The Department also reserves the right to shut the water off at the street to prevent potential property damage.
  6. The $60 transfer fee must be paid in advance by check and sent to the address listed above, online at www.harwichwater.com, or a request can be made in person at the Water Department office.

We appreciate your cooperation with our Department in adhering to our policies and we look forward to working with you.