The Grunge Gang Is on the Loose But You Can Stop Them!

Grunge GangSome low-down bad guys are out to pollute your drinking water- and they're hiding out in your house! If these grungy polluters escape into the ground, they will sneak into your community water supply. The rain will wash them into our groundwater, rivers, and lakes, which are the source of your drinking water.

Who's in the Grunge Gang?
The worst members of the Grunge Gang are common household products. Check to see how many of these toxic polluters are hiding out in your home today. It's easier to catch them BEFORE they pollute than to clean them out of our water supply later.

They're Sneaky and They're Everywhere
How does the Grunge Gang get into our water? By many simple ways. They're spread on lawns and gardens. Dumped in garbage cans and landfills. Hosed off driveways. Washed into storm drains and sewers. Flushed down toilets and sinks. It doesn't matter how ...sooner or later they'll all end up in our groundwater. And cleaning them out is a tough, costly process.

Here's How You Can Stop the Grunge Gang:
Use them wisely. Never dump them down the drain, in the trash, or on the ground. Instead, take them to a hazardous waste collection or recycling center. (If your area doesn't have one of these centers, ask officials to start one!) Cut your use of toxic household products and switch to safer alternatives. Work with local officials to round up the Grunge Gang for good!

Now Collect Your Reward!
Stop the Grunge Gang, and collect your reward ...pure, healthful, affordable, delicious drinking water, as valuable and precious as life itself. Collect the reward for yourself, your family, and everyone and for generations to come.

Together We Can Stop the Grunge Gang
We're working hard to bring you the purest water possible ...but your cooperation can really make a difference. Thanks for helping!

Round Up the "Grunge Gang"

Don't let these grungy characters pollute your drinking water! Use them carefully. Dispose of them - and their used containers - only at designated hazardous waste collection or recycling centers.