Sewer Use Regulation

Article IX.  Collection of Sewer and Service Charges


Section 1.  Establishment of Rates

Rates and fees for water and sewer shall be determined by the Harwich Board of Water and Wastewater Commissioners as instructed under applicable Massachusetts General Law Chapters 40 and 83.

Section 2.  Bills Payable

Bills are due and payable within thirty (30) days from the date of issuance. The failure of the customer or his/her agent to receive notice of their bill or other related charges does not relieve them from the obligation for payment or from the consequences of nonpayment under the Department Rules & Regulations and under applicable Massachusetts General Laws Chapters 40 and 83.

All sewer bills that are outstanding after 30 days will be mailed a demand notice which shall be due within fourteen (14) days.  If the charges are still unpaid after the due date of the demand notice, a demand fee will be assessed.  If the water service shall be turned off for non-payment of the sewer service charges, the water service will not be turned on until all past charges are paid in full, including all expenses associated with collection of such sewer charges and the shut off of water service.  In order to turn off or plug a sewer service without causing a health problem the water service shall also be turned off.   Such shut off of water charges shall be as approved by the Commissioners as water rates and charges of the Water Department.