Sewer Use Regulations

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Pursuant to provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 83, Section 10, the Town of Harwich hereby establishes the following sewer use rules and regulations (Regulations) governing the use of the wastewater collection system in Harwich, County of Barnstable, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

While these Regulations will apply to the wastewater collection system throughout the town, they have been specifically developed herein for the wastewater collection system to be implemented in the Pleasant Bay Watershed area of Harwich. Wastewater collected in this area will be conveyed to the Town of Chatham wastewater treatment facility. It is anticipated that these Regulations will be modified accordingly for systems to be implemented in other watersheds.


The purpose of these Rules and Regulations are:

A.  To establish the technical and administrative procedures for making connections to the sanitary sewer system including standards of materials and design;

B.  To establish requirements, restrictions, and controls on the quantities and quality of what may be discharged to the sanitary sewer system; such as discharges that may:

  1. Interfere with the operation of the sewer system, pumping station or publicly owned treatment works (POTW) in any way;
  2. Pass through the POTW, to the groundwaters, inadequately treated effluent that may cause contravention of standards for these waters or surface waters or cause violation of the POTW’s Groundwater Discharge Permit (GWDP) or negatively impact the watershed into which treated effluent is discharged;
  3. Reduce the opportunity to reclaim or recycle treated wastewater and/or sludge from the system;
  4. Increase the cost or otherwise hamper or limit the disposal of sludges and other residuals;
  5. Endanger municipal employees or the public;
  6. Cause, directly or indirectly, any public nuisance condition;

C.  To prevent new sources of inflow and infiltration (I/I) and eliminate private source inflow;

D.  To provide for equitable distribution to all users of the POTW, all costs associated with the collection, transmission, treatment, and residuals disposal, and to provide for the collection of such costs; and

E.  To provide for the orderly planning of sewer systems’ and treatment systems’ components to improve the health and environmental quality of the Town of Harwich and its people and resources while discharging wastewater into the Chatham Sewer System. 

The following rules and regulations are a part of the contract with every person who discharges wastewater into the Town of Chatham Sewer System from the East Harwich area, and governs the relationship between the Town of Harwich and its consumers, contractors and/or developers, and all other persons who install sewers, discharges wastewater, is connected into the sewer system or applies for a connection to the sewer system.