Water Rules & Regulations

Section 1:  Definitions

1.1         Backflow – The flow of water or other fluids, mixtures or substances into the distribution pipes of a potable water source.

1.2         Backflow Prevention Device –An approved mechanical device designed to prevent Backflow.

1.3         Contractors and Developers – Contractors and Developers shall mean an individual, firm, corporation or any entity who installs water mains and their appurtenances.

1.4         Corporation Stop – A shut off valve near the main that is used to isolate water from the main from the service connection.

1.5         Cross Connection – An actual or potential connection between a distribution pipe of potable water supplied by the public water system and any waste pipe, soil pipe, sewer, drain or any other contaminated or hazardous source. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the term "cross connection" shall also include any bypass arrangement, jumper connection, removal Section, swivel or changeover connection and any other temporary or permanent connection through which Backflow can or may occur.

1.6         Curb Stop – Part of the water service, usually located at or near the owner’s property line, where the Town has complete access and control to shut off the water supply to the premises.

1.7         Customer – The term “customer” shall mean the individual, firm, corporation or any entity listed as the owner of the property.  Customer shall mean the Owner of the Premise / Property, who shall be responsible for payment of bills for charges for water and sewer service to the property whether or not the premises is occupied by the Owner or the Owner’s authorized representative.

1.8         Department – “Department” shall mean the Town of Harwich Water Department.

1.9         Irrigation/Sewer Deduct Meter – Meter used for the purpose of determining water use for lawn sprinklers or other approved process use that are either owned and maintained by the Water Department or the Owner of the Property.

1.10       Main – A “main” shall mean the supply pipe laid in the street from which property connections are made. The Department shall consider part of the main to include from the corporation stop to the street side of the curb stop.

1.11       Meter Pit – An underground vault enclosing a meter.

1.12       Service – A “service” shall mean the pipe running from the curb stop and a curb box into property. Customer Water Service shall be defined as the entire water service excluding any corporation stop and/or valves directly associated with the water main. The Customer will be assessed for any repairs, replacements, or other services rendered to the Customer Water Service.

1.13       Superintendent – “Superintendent” shall mean the Superintendent of the Water Department or the Superintendent’s designee.

Additional Definitions

Additional definitions as applicable are adopted as set forth in Massachusetts Universal State Plumbing Code, 248 CMR and in the Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention Regulations, 527 CMR.