SECTION 1.  Definitions

1.1 Customer
  The term “customer” shall mean the individual, firm, corporation or any entity listed as the owner of the property.
1.2 Main
  A “main” shall mean the supply pipe laid in the street from which house connections are made. The Department shall consider part of the main to include from corp. stop to the street side of the curb stop.
1.3 Service
  A “service” shall mean the pipe running from the curb stop and a curb box into property.
1.4 Contractors and Developers
  Contractors and Developers shall mean an individual, firm, corporation or any entity who installs water mains and their appurtenances.
1.5 Superintendent
  “Superintendent” shall mean the Superintendent of the Water Department or the   Superintendent’s designee.
1.6 Department
  “Department” shall mean the Town of Harwich Water Department.
1.7 Additional Definitions
  Additional definitions as applicable are adopted as set forth in Massachusetts Universal State Plumbing Code, 248 CMR and in the Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention Regulations, 527 CMR.