Water Rules & Regulations

10.1     Service Tight Program

The Town offers a voluntary Service Tight Protection Plan; this program offers eligible customers the right to apply for enrollment into the Service Tight Program for all services 2” and under from the curb stop to the water meter.  Condominiums, apartments, multi-unit properties and service lines after meter pits are not eligible under this plan. All enrollees must agree to and meet all conditions set forth in the Service Tight Program. This service will have an automatic fee, billed quarterly and will provide all services mentioned in the program brochure.

Delinquent accounts over ninety (90) days will be automatically unenrolled and will not be eligible for re-enrollment until all account charges have been paid in full.  The Department reserves the right to cancel this program at any time. The Service Tight Program is not transferrable.

Enrollment begins ninety (90) days after application is received. The Customer may cancel the Service Tight Program at any time by placing their request in writing to the Harwich Water Department, 196 Chatham Rd. Harwich, MA 02645.

If the customer chooses to cancel the plan prior to the initial waiting period, they may do so in writing.  If cancellation is requested after the billing period, no refund will be given. When the customer chooses to sign up for this service, it is the customer’s responsibility to become familiar with the Service Tight Plan guidelines.

The department reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the policy at any time. Please refer to the applicable Rates and Fees.  The Harwich Water Department reserves the right to deny plan coverage for any reason.